If I Feel Good, Am I Healthy? The Truth Behind Feeling Versus Function

If I Feel Good, Am I Healthy?
The Truth Behind Feeling Versus Function

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You probably know someone who felt and seemed totally healthy but received a shocking diagnosis out of the blue. While there may have been symptoms and signs that something was amiss in their body, the severity and extent of the diagnosis was something that few people probably predicted. The frequency of this happening in the world today is enough for us to trust that the way we feel is not always a sound indicator of how healthy we actually are or how well our body is functioning.

If you feel great, that’s awesome! We want everyone we know to feel great. But we don’t want anyone to live with the naïve mindset that feeling great equals being healthy. We also don’t want anyone to feel just okay when they could be feeling amazing. Being truly healthy is not about a lack of pain, but it’s about having no disease, illness, or injury. Leland chiropractor Dr. Marcus Woodburn of Greatest Potential Chiropractic is committed to not only educating you about the science behind chiropractic care so that you fully understand this concept of feeling versus function, but he is also focused on helping you function better to optimize your overall health.

How You Feel Is Not Reliable

We live in a world that puts a lot of weight on feelings, but we’re here to tell you that how you feel is not always reliable. When it comes to your body and your health, you need to rely on more than just feelings. People have different thresholds for pain and different illnesses and injuries can manifest in different ways, so it’s best to truly know that your body is functioning well rather than trusting the fact that you simply feel okay.

Correcting the Root Cause Is the Goal

Treating symptoms is a big focus of today’s healthcare system, and it certainly has a place in improving the quality of life for those struggling with health concerns. But treating the symptoms is not the end goal. At Greatest Potential Chiropractic, we aim to correct the root cause of whatever it is you’re dealing with, whether that’s pain, an illness, or an injury. Perhaps you don’t have any “feelings” of something being off but still want to improve your overall health. Since the entire body works based on the health of the central nervous system, our focus on your spine will allow your body to function optimally and achieve the highest level of health possible.

Leland Chiropractors Focus on Function

We want to feel great just like you do, and we’ll do anything we can to help you minimize pain and feel excellent. However, Leland chiropractor Dr. Marcus will focus on how your body functions. We know that when your spine is aligned, your body will work better and your health will improve, bringing about relief from pain, a reduction in illness, and an overall improvement in how you feel.

At Greatest Potential Chiropractic, we want you to feel great, function well, and experience wellness in every area of your life. Contact Dr. Marcus and his team today to schedule an appointment. They serve the communities of Leland, Wilmington, Brunswick County, and New Hanover County.


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