Chiropractic Care in Leland Can Help Alleviate Allergies In Children & Adults

Chiropractic Care in Leland Can Help Alleviate
Allergies In Children & Adults

Chiropractic Care for Allergies in Leland NC

Spring has officially sprung in most of the southeast US, and that means nice weather, pretty flowers, and sunshine.  But it can also bring seasonal allergies as well.  Children and adults who suffer from seasonal allergies can be pretty miserable around this time of year with stuffy noses, watery eyes, a cough, or itchy, sore throats.  Allergies are extremely common among Americans, with 1 out of every 5 people reporting suffering from allergies throughout the year, many of which are children.  But spring allergies don’t have to get the best of you or your kids this year because a Leland chiropractor is here to help.

Natural Relief from Allergies

When allergy season hits, many turn to medications to manage their symptoms.  But not all medications are safe for young children.  And as it turns out, not all mediations actually get to the root of the problem.  Medications can not only have unwanted side effects, but they also only seem to mask the problem at hand.  Once the medication wears off, allergy symptoms flare up again with a vengeance.  So what else can be done to help eliminate those annoying allergies?  Regular chiropractic visits to Dr. Marcus Woodburn of Greatest Potential Chiropractic is a natural and safe way to help children fight off those allergy symptoms that pop up each year around the start of spring.

How Can Chiropractic in Leland NC Help Children Who Suffer From Allergies?

Children who suffer from allergies are often found to have spinal misalignments, or vertebrae that are slightly out of place.  Unfortunately, spinal misalignments can wreak havoc on the body’s systems and can lead to more severe allergy symptoms, along with a host of other problems.  Our body relies on the central nervous system to relay messages back and forth.  When the spine is out of alignment, it leads to nerve interference that gets in the way of the CNS being able to do its job effectively.  In turn, this can negatively affect the immune system and lead to a greater risk of food sensitivities and allergies.  With gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Woodburn will remove spinal misalignments and restore optimal function to the central nervous system.  This means the body can once again do its job, the immune system is enhanced, and the body can better fight off allergens.

It Has Worked for Others!

It is important to note that regular chiropractic care has worked for many others by eliminating allergy symptoms and increasing overall health and wellness.  In one particular case study, a young boy missed quite a bit of school on a regular basis due to severe allergies.  He sought chiropractic care for his allergies, and after just two weeks, noticed significant improvements in his health.  After just one month of chiropractic care, his allergy symptoms were in remission.  With many other documented success stories, why can’t you or your child be next?

If you or your child suffers from allergies, know that you don’t have to be miserable any longer.  Contact Leland chiropractor Dr. Marcus Woodburn of Greatest Potential Chiropractic to see what chiropractic care can do for your family.


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